Demand of Gold and Silver Jewelries


Gold is the never old and golden color and gold jewelries are always in the fashion. Gold and silver are among the precious metals that are used to make jewelries since long. Various cultures and customs have adapted gold as a traditional form of jewelries ever since ancient period. Gold jewelries are a symbol of class, dignity and elegance. Silver jewelries are worn with stones like diamond, sapphire, ruby and other precious gems embedded in it. Silver jewelries are also very popular in middle class people as they are better to afford as compared to gold jewelries. Apart from jewelry purposes, gold is also used as a brilliant investment in market as it always goes through a price hike and so it is a profitable to keep it.

Gold and silver jewelries define the lifestyle piece and elegance of a woman. They are diverse in designs and quality basis and they can be worn at any occasions, be it traditional or casual. They are crafted into different attractive designs and shapes that make the wearer look even attractive and sophisticated. While gold adds glow and radiance to a person, silver is known for beauty and simplicity. Their stone studded features are also much in demand as they are always in vogue. The style carried by gold and silver is never going to fade ever as they are eternal elements which are priceless to keep and adore.

Gold is a timeless metal. It has the property that is persistent to all the strata and sectors of our society. The biggest benefits offered by gold and silver jewelries are that they are safe and secure to buy from any shop that is authentic enough to sell gold and silver. There are various options available by which the purchasers can also go through the purity check and satisfy themselves as far as their purity is concerned:

Gold is a metal that occurs in a free state and it is golden and bright yellow in color while silver is shimmery grey and white in color. In the natural state or the pure form, gold and silver are very soft and hence they are mixed with different metals to provide a hardening property and a particular shape to the jewelries that are made out of it.

Gold jewelries are available in karat. They describe the purity of gold jewelry in some ways that are listed hereunder:

  • 24 karat gold- The gold is in its pure form and very soft.
  • 18 karat gold- It is a mixture of 18 parts of gold and 6 parts of different metal
  • 14 karat gold- It is a mixture of 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of other metal.

Silver jewelries are normally made up of genuine silver of superior quality. Sterling silver is a mixture of 92.5 % silver and 7.5 % copper.

Silver and gold jewelries are inseparable part of the wedding occasions as well as any traditional ceremony or a western party. They are available in every type of simple as well as classic patterns.

Important questions to ask your wedding caterer



Top 10 questions to ask your wedding caterer

Whether your menu is traditional, continental, or mixed, your caterer needs to get it accurate. For this, you need to ask him certain questions before you hire him. Here, you can find some list of tricky questions that you need to ask him before your wedding to get the best out of him:

  1. Make sure if he has any last minute arrangement system as it happens to the many events. A whole family that were least expected shows up anyway. You need to know if your caterer organized enough food and the table setup accordingly.
  1. Find out if the in-charge of the catering service will be present on not. You want to make the best arrangements and for this his presence is obligatory.
  1. Know about the staff to table ration served at the event. The elegant service is one or more servers per table. The fewer you have, the more irregular or sluggish the food service will be. Always enquire about how many staff members are integrated in per person cost and how much additional staff might cost.
  1. Ask about the per-person charge and the services included. You must be on familiar terms if the food and beverages, with things like linens, wait staff and coat-room attendants are divided or shared in the bill.
  1. Calculate the rates to be paid for gratuity and service charges. Most of the catering services charge an additional service tax and people think that the staff’s tip is included in the charge but it is not so. It is frequently used to cover things like fuel costs, overhead, and wear and tear.
  1. Enquire well about the left over foods at the wedding. At most of the places, health departments take the food to the needy or charity and some of the caterers do not allow food off their premises. If they permit the food to be taken home, you can use it your way.
  1. Ask about how frequently they modernise and modify the facilities they keep. You may like the decoration a year in advance and if they modify their tools and decoration items, the look can be affected. Hence, make sure the décor does not change.
  2. Always get the permission to explore all through the kitchen of the caterer you are hiring. A facility might look sufficiently attractive to win you over, but any cracks in their union or the cleanliness of a place will show in the kitchen.
  1. Find out if your caterer has worked at the location of the wedding any time before. In this way, your caterer will be well acquainted with the area and the type of atmosphere it needs for handling the guests. Once you are established with a caterer, put him in contact with the site’s manager so they can work out the details together and coordinate well.
  1. Always ask your caterer about the uniform of their staff during the ceremony or any particular type of dress that can differentiate them from rest of the crowd. If they will dress in a comprehensive way, they will be easy to identify during the event.